Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writing Challenge: Word Roots

Root Word: Grad

Graduate, graduation, gradual, grade, gradiate

Two years ago, almost three was my fifth grade graduation all through the morning the thought kept going through my head I'm going to graduate to day! whn fianlly the time came, we sang a few songs and my group sang our solos, then, before I knew it, we were walking down the isle, my graduation was over and every one was clapping and chearing. I smiled and met Mom, Dad and Gabby at the back, eating pink and blue cupcakes. Mom and Dad hugged me tight, "Congrats on your graduation!" Gabby cheared happily. I said goodbye to my teacher and we drove away, to where else, the barn! I was pumped and I couldn't wait to go ride Covie! We arrived at the barn and I pulled Covie from the feild and took him up to the front by the arena. The sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Covie immedeiately dropped his head to graze. After about ten minutes of grazing, Mom handed me a card, and instead of saying my name, it said "for your graduation" I smilled and gently broke the seal of the envelope. I read it over quicky, and odviousoly it was filled with congratulations. Then at the bottom, there was a folded up peice of paper that said "here is a picture of your gift, congratulations!" I pealed the paper up and unfolded it, graduation is important, but not this important I thought. I finished unfolding the paper, and there, a printed put picture, of the black horse standing right beside me. I screamed hugged Covie, accidentally spooking him, I laughed more and kissed him right in the middle of his wide, white snip.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What is it that you will do with your one wild and precious life?

Last summer my horse was diagnosed with a serious disease called EPM, it attacks the brain, and if it is left unattended, horses will die from it. He had been dragging his back feet, and struggling to even trot. I couldn't ride him for five weeks. Near the end of the fourth week I was allowed to saddle him for the first time. My sister was having a lesson, and so was I, but I was only allowed to walk him. Thanks to my vet, he wouldn't have pulled through, she provided us with the medication he needed. The first week he had to have an injection every morning,  Then he had to swallow a tube of apple flavoured paste, and eventually, he healed.
With my wild and precious life, I want to become a vet, because I want to give someone a chance and help save a horse's life, just like my vet saved my horse's life.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fly, Little Butterfly

It was cold, and the whiskers on my chin had started to freeze, but the sun was was out, and there was not a cloud in the sky. I lipped at the glistening, cool crystals that my best friend, Storm, called snow. I laid down and rolled, cooling my back, that was tight, and sore. My wings flailed around with me, the muscles loosening in them too. I lay in the deep hole I had created in the snow, resting my head on my front legs. I stared at my wings and sighed, rolling over, trying to get them out of my sight. They weren’t sore in the fresh snow, they felt good, for once.
I woke up to the sound of wings beating and laughter in the air above me. My chestnut coat was sprinkled in new fallen snow. I looked up and saw my friends, racing around in the sky. Pink, purple, red, orange and green wings flashed around, the only color missing was blue, my blue wings. Storm, A silver-grey filly, with purple wings, landed beside me,
“We can play down here, Fly” She suggested happily, prancing in the snow.
“You don’t have to,” I said “I like watching you guys play” I said, shifting my wings uncomfortably, I knew she was staring at them, and I understood why. My wings hung uselessly by my side, I wasn’t even able to tuck them in. I was unbalanced and awkward when I walked, and everywhere I went, other pegasus’ just stared, flicking their beautiful wings, trying not to make it look like they were staring. I put my head down and ears back, turning and walking toward my mom. I listened as Storm took off and flapped her powerful wings, picking up speed to join the game again. I turned to look at my wings, trying to lift the oversize, useless pieces of feathers and flesh. I winced as searing pain shot up and down my back, I stumbled and fell to the ground as the pain slowly faded. I heard laughter, and I flicked my ears toward the sound, I looked up and saw Thor and his best friend Raven rolling around, flapping their wings as if to tease me,
“What’s wrong, Fly!” Thor cried,
“Can’t even move your wings? How are you ever supposed to FLY now!” They both doubled over in another fit of laughter. I grunted and pranced on,
“The names, Butterfly.” I murmured, laying down in the shade of my favorite willow tree.
I woke up to silence, I was confused, usually there are other pegasus around. I looked around and blinked as my view started to focus. There wasn’t a pegasus in sight. I whipped my head around as a twig snapped behind me, a golden-brown pelt flashed between the trees I jumped up, recognizing the low grumble that came from the creature, mountain lion! I thought crouching low, ready to flee if needed. the lion jumped from the bush, he was already bounding toward me by the time my brain told my legs to move. I skittered forward and stumbled, trying to gain my balance as my wings dragged on the ground, faster! I told my legs desperately, but they were numb, and my wings were rapidly collecting snow as I ran, slowing me down even more. I swerved into the thick forest and dodged the trees, steadily getting farther ahead of the creature. I stopped in a small valley deep in the forest. I twitched my ears, heart pounding and my breathing filled my ears, all of a sudden the lion jumped out of the tree line, I bolted keeping my eyes glued to the hungry beast. A agonizing pain suddenly ricocheted through my head, I fell back and lay limp on the ground as the lion looked down at me. Then everything went black.
I jolted awake and jumped to my feet, expecting to see the lion running towards me in the forest again. but there were rocks everywhere and other animals in the bowl made of rocks too. Most of them were deer, but one of the many animals was a pegasus! I was shocked! what are we all doing here! The rock bowl was crowded, I couldn’t take one step without touching another animal. As I got closer to the pegasus I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at the willow branch that was tied around the pegasus’ wings to keep it from flying. The horse looked at me uncomfortably and it's eyes widened. I saw it open it's mouth and say something, but I couldn’t here from all the clattering of hooves on the rock floor. I pushed my way through the other animals ‘till I was at the pegasus’ side.
“What are we doing here?” I asked the unfamiliar horse.
“The lion got us,” she said, “We’re lion food, now.” I was shocked,
“How could the lion catch you, you can fly?” I asked, bewildered.
“I was sleeping, and when I woke up I was here…” She said. She must have been here a while, she was all dirty and dusty,
“What’s going to happen to us?” I asked nervously, not really wanting to know the answer.
“The lions bring us into a deep dark cave and they eat us…” She shuddered. But all of a sudden she jerked he head up,
“You don't have a tie around your wings!” She exclaimed,
“You can fly out of here!” I looked at my wings and moved them slightly, sending the familiar pain shooting up my spine.
“I can't use them,” I started,
“They’re… they’re…” I didn’t want to say the awful word,
“Duds…” I said, dropping my nose to the ground.
“Every time I use them I feel like they are going to fall off. They hurt so bad.” I mumbled. There was a loud growling noise as a lion came and got one of the deers. I shuddered at the sound, and I couldn’t watch. The other pegasus turned and watched to deer get dragged out of the rock bowl. How could she watch that?  I thought helplessly. The suddenly I brightened up.
“I’m good with my feet!” I said once the lion had left.
“I can climb out!” I said hopefully, staring at the big pile of rocks holding us in.
“Yeah! you’re right! The filly exclaimed. Then I caught sight of the branch keeping her from flying. “I can untie you, and you can fly out!” I said, prancing on the spot, the deers turned to look at me, as if to ask, Take me with you!
The plan was set, I bit the branch holding the filly's wings to her side and she took flight without a second thought. she flew to the top of the rock bowl and landed just at the edge so no lion could see her. She looked around and spotted a forest only a few feet from the rock bowl. then she dived back down and landed swiftly next to me.
“I’ll help the deer climb out and you keep watch, make sure no lions see us” She nodded seriously and spread her giant wings and took flight. she practiced the signal, lifting her wings and throwing her head, and looked back at me. I nodded and started leading the deer up the slope. The deer all stepped exactly where I stepped and soon, they were all at the bottom of the rock bowl. The only evidence left was our tracks in the snow. We all went our separate ways as the sun started to set and a heavy snow started to fall. I was happy when the filly followed me, and I was glad when she started chatting to me, but she always did the most chatting. After walking about three hours into the thick forest, my legs gave out and I tumbled into the snow.
“Umm...Are you ok?” The filly asked, after I had rolled over onto my back.
“Yeah…” I said, mid-stretch
“Ok.” She giggled and lay down next to me. My wings were suddenly not sore, and I could move them around while I was in the snow. Tomorrow was my first birthday, and my mom said I would have enough strength to move my wings by midnight on my birthday!
The filly shook me awake the next morning,
“C’mon sleepy head!” She called, prancing a few steps deeper into the forest. I looked up at the sky and saw the sun was already high in the sky. I jumped up and shifted my wings, they still sent to pain up my spine, but today the pain was faded. I bounded in front of the filly and looked back at her expectantly. She put her head down and turned away, looking into a valley filled with what looked like horses.
“My herd is that way…” She said pointing her wing toward the valley of pegasus. I nodded and walked over to her.
“Thanks for helping me escape.” She sniffled. I nodded again.
“I hope soon you’ll be able to fly.” She murmured quietly,
“Bye.” She said and turned away, her wings sagging at her sides like mine did.
“Bye.” I whispered after her. Then turned away and galloped as fast as I could toward my herd. I could smell them, so I knew I were getting close. I screeched to a stop and cowered toward a group of trees as I saw a flash of colors in the sky. I knew it was a patrol for the filly’s herd so I instinctively tucked my wings close to my side, folding them up neatly as tight as I could. Suddenly it hit me, I could move my wings now! I sat there in silence until I saw the patrol land in the clearing, then I galloped forward stretching my wings out and flapping them, but they were still to sore to lift myself off the ground. I found a place to rest, and realized it was the opening in the trees where the lion had caught me. I laid down and fell asleep. I woke up at exactly midnight, I seemed taller and braver than normal I heard a crunch of snow in the tree and I roared up to it, finding out it was just snow falling from a branch. I flapped my wings and in one flap, I was ten feet in the air, I swooshed them again and I rose another ten feet. I nickered and shot forward, faster than I had ever seen any pegasus go. I raced just above the forest, my hooved just brushing the tallest tree in the . The valley quickly came into sight and I could see everyone of my herd members curled up and sleeping I landed swiftly in the middle of the valley, I heard hoof beats behind me and a soft nicker. I turned around to see my mom cantering toward me. I nickered and ran to her, circling around her, finally I turned to nuzzle her,
“Mom! I can fly!”

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Friend Lasts Forever

A Friend Lasts Forever

A blurred picture flashed in Riley’s mind, over and over again, it was all she could think about. Her cheeks reddened and her eyes started to burn. The sleek black mane flashed in the air, hooves beating the wind, headlights in a ditch. Her dad was lying dead in the snow next to the truck, seven doctors were trying desperately to bring him back to life, but it was no use. Her dad’s horse was splayed out in the snow next to him, the snow around her was quickly turning red. Riley’s mom was rushed to the hospital, but she died, on the way there. Her horse, Koda, was whisked away by the vet, Riley never found out what had happened to him. Riley and her pony had been a little ways back, taking her time on the snowy trail when she heard the screams and the horn of the truck as it crashed into her parents. Riley wiped the tears from her eyes and slammed the suitcase shut. She picked up a picture of her mom and dad, curled up on their bed and squeezed the small wooden frame. She couldn’t get the horrid image out of her head, no matter how hard she tried.
Riley was awoken by the starting of an unfamiliar car. She looked over at he suitcase and saw it was neatly packed and waiting for her. She got up and placed the picture on the pile of clothes and lightly zipped it shut. Riley found her Uncle Filip standing at the base of the steps. She dropped her suitcase and ran to his open arms. She started to cry again, leaving tear stains on his shoulder. Uncle Filip kissed her head and spoke softly to her.
“I know it's hard, but Aunt Martina and I are here for you.”
“I know.” Whispered Riley through her sobs.
They stood there in silence for a few more minutes until Riley reluctantly pulled away and grabbed her suitcase from the top of the stairs. Uncle Filip patted her head and took her suitcase, putting it in the back of his truck.
Riley glanced out the window of the old red pick-up truck, the rolling hills drifted by. As the sky started to darken, Uncle Filip turned onto the rocky drive. The gravel crunched under the tires, reminding Riley of the gravel road near her old house. Aunt Martina rushed out of the house to greet Riley, gripping her in a long, hard hug. When she finally released Riley she kissed her on the cheeks over and over again, Riley noticed that she had tear stains running down her cheeks.
“Come on, let's get inside and have some supper.”
Aunt Martina suggested, leading Riley toward the house. Riley nodded, the only word she was able to get out was,
Aunt Martina hung Riley’s jacket up it the closet and sat down beside her, handing Riley a steaming bowl of Beef Barley soup.
“Fillip will join us in a minute, but you can start eating, you must be hungry.”
Riley nodded and took a bite of the delicious soup, Uncle Filip sat down and started blowing on on his soup. Riley noticed he was just playing with it and she thought he didn’t want to eat.
“May I be excused?”
Riley asked,
“Of course honey,” Aunt Martina said, “Go wash up for bed, I’ll be in a minute.”
Riley nodded and walked down the hall into the bathroom.
Riley stood in the bathroom, staring at herself in the mirror she picked up her tooth brush then put it back, deciding she didn’t want to brush tonight. Riley sat in her bed, Aunt Martina and Uncle Filip had just come in to say goodnight. She couldn't help but overhear the conversation they were having in the kitchen as Aunt Martina was washing the dishes.
“I don’t know how to make her happy,” Aunt Martina started,
“She just seems gloomy and distressed.”
“Well her parents did just pass away, but I know what you mean.”
“Maybe we should do something for her like…”
Riley couldn’t hear the rest but she decided it wasn’t a big deal. It had been about half an hour and she still hadn’t fallen asleep, the hall lights were off and the only sounds were the odd cluck of the hen and the moo of a cow. Her thoughts kept drifting back to her Mom, Dad, Koda, what had happened to Koda?
Riley awoke the next morning to the song of the rooster, she smiled, remembering coming here when she was little and collecting eggs for breakfast. She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom looking at her tear stained face, her smile suddenly faded away and the rooster couldn’t even cheer her up if he tried. Riley grabbed the wire basket that was left on the kitchen table, waiting for her to do her morning chores. Aunt Martina turned around once she realized Riley was there,
“How was your sleep sweetheart? Is the bed nice enough?”
“Yes, it was comfy.” Riley replied, her smile came back to her,
“You worry too much!”
Riley grabbed the basket and hurried outside. The sky was full of clouds to the west and it looked like a storm was just overhead. Better get this done quick! Riley thought, just as little droplets splattered on her head. She entered the chicken coop and collected sixteen eggs, the rain was coming down hard now and Riley ran through the stone courtyard to the house.
“Sixteen eggs today!” Riley called as she barged through the door.
“My! you’re soaked!” Aunt Martina said, “Go get dressed into different clothes and throw the wet ones in the laundry.” She took the basket from Riley and put in on the counter beside the sink. Riley rushed into her bedroom and threw her clothes in the laundry. The rain had given her a chill so she threw on some warm clothes. when she entered the kitchen again she could smell the perfectly cooked eggs.
“Mmmm…” Riley breathed,
“Smells nice?” Aunt Martina questioned.
“Of course! your eggs are the best.”
Riley was sitting on her bed reading when she heard the clatter of Uncle Filip’s pick- up.
“Hmm.” She mused, placing the book on the bed beside her,
“I didn’t think Uncle Filip was going to town today?”
Riley thumped down the hall, her head was clouded from the book she was just reading. Outside she could see the truck had a matching red trailer hitched to that back of it. When she exited the house she stopped dead in her tracks. She stood at the doorstep, wind whistled through the courtyard, blowing the strands of hair that had escaped her braid.
“What’s this thing doing here?”
She muttered under her breath, eyeing the broken down horse suspiciously. The old stallion had no expression in his eyes, his head drooped so low it looked as if his nose was dragging on the ground. Riley furrowed her brow and caught Uncle Filip’s eye for a split second, he shot her a second look, telling her he’d explain it later.  She briskly turned on he heels and  marched back inside. She slouched  on her bed, the image of the accident flicked in her mind. Riley bit back the tears that threatened to take over.
“I don’t ever want to ride again!”
Riley yelled across the kitchen table at Aunt Martina and Uncle Filip,
“Why did you bring him here!”
She questioned angrily.  Her face was so red she looked like she was about to burst.
“We saw him at the side of the road, he was hitched to a post and I felt really bad for him.”
Aunt Martina answered calmly,
“We thought maybe you would become friends and you could ride him.”
She continued.
“I don't want to ride! I already told you that!”
Riley was fuming,
“Get rid of him! I don’t want him here!”
“Riley! lis-”
“No! I’m done!”
Riley jumped up so fast her chair almost fell over,
“Just get rid of that stupid animal!”
She stomped out of the room, leaving Aunt Martina and Uncle Filip staring after her in shock.
“Filip I-”
“It’s ok Martina, she’ll warm up to the idea.”
Uncle Filip said briskly. Aunt Martina was sitting in the kitchen table, wondering if she should go in and see Riley, but there was a loud grumble that came from that direction and she quickly thought the better of it.
Riley screamed, it had been at least an hour since the argument and she didn’t want to see anyone’s face. She had thrown the pillows from her bed and was dramatically spread across it, sobbing and yelling at the ceiling. She got up and looked out the window of her room and saw Uncle filip had put the horse out in the field. She fell back onto the bed and cried some more,
“I hate it here!” she yelled,
“And I hate this stupid horse!”
Riley sobbed some more, she didn’t want to look at the disgusting creature again.
It was morning and Riley decided to go see the horse up close. she ventured out into the courtyard and realized that everyone was still asleep. When she reached the paddock gate she whistled to the horse, he lifted his head and looked at her, then put his head back down to graze. Something about him seemed to catch her eye. She somehow recognized him, I feel like I’ve seen this horse before, she thought. The horse looked up at her again, Riley jumped back, she sucked in her breath, and gasped, gripping her stomach. She quickly turned on her heels and walked back into the house. No! No! No! That’s Koda! Riley felt the tears starting to well in her eyes, and a lump starting to form in her throat she wanted to run back and hug him and kiss him and tell him that he was safe, but she couldn’t, no, not after all she had said to Aunt Martina and Uncle Filip.
By lunch time the urge to go see Koda was overwhelming her, she just had to go see him again. Riley put her dishes on the kitchen counter and walked to her bedroom, clenching her fists and trying to resist looking out the hallway windows to see Koda. When she got to the bedroom she closed the door hard, really hard, which surprised even her. Riley didn’t care, she wanted to see Koda so bad that nothing bothered her, not even when Uncle Filip brought  Koda into the barn for the night, which Koda was not happy about. Finally Riley was forced to get up and go to dinner, no one said anything, the only sound was the clanking of the knife or fork on the plate. Riley just played with her food, not knowing if she should mention Koda or if she should keep quiet for now.
“You’re not going to eat it, are you?” Aunt Martina asked, breaking the long silence.
“No.” Riley murmured, getting up and putting her plate beside the sink.
Riley looked up and nodded at her Aunt and Uncle then skittered down the hall back to her bedroom.
It had been an hour since dinner and Riley was a nervous wreck. She got up shakily and opened her bedroom window, staring out of it, staring at Koda’s stall with the dim light shining out onto the pasture, she knew Koda was awake, she saw him pacing his stall and snorting. Riley sighed, and lay back on her bed, suddenly she got up with a start and looked out her window listening to the loud banging sound coming from the barn. There was a loud crack and the stomping of hooves. Without a second thought Riley jumped out her window and dashed across the rocky courtyard. Grabbing the halter as she ran through the barn door.
“Easy!” Riley said holding her hands up in front of the spooked stallion. Koda reared and pawed the air, landing and snorting, his nostrils were flared and his eyes were wild.
“Calm down boy,” Riley breathed, taking a cautious toward him. Koda pawed the ground, thrashing his large hooves toward her.
“Koda, easy.” Riley said sternly, taking another hesitant step toward him. Koda stopped at his name and stretched his head out to sniff Riley.
“That’s a good boy.” Riley smiled and stretched out her hand to offer Koda a carrot that she found in her pocket. Koda nickered and took a brave step, gobbling up the carrot and quietly letting Riley slip the halter over his head.
“Shhh… There, there boy, everything's alright.” Riley cooed, stroking Koda’s face. The quietness of the night struck Riley, had aunt Martina and Uncle Filip heard Koda, or were they just ignoring him? She wondered, casting a glance toward the house. The lights were off and Riley suddenly realized that everyone was asleep. there was a long silence as she stared into Koda’s eyes, Riley smiled,
“You just seem to look right through me.” She giggled and kissed him on his golden muzzle, long and hard. A tear trickled down her cheek, Riley sniffled and pulled way. Koda stretched out his head and nuzzled Riley’s cheeks,
“That’s a good boy, Koda.”

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Story Teaser

Here is my story teaser:
“Get rid of him! I don’t want him here!”
“Riley! lis-”
“No! I’m done!”
Riley jumped up so fast her chair almost fell over,
“Just get rid of that stupid animal!”
She stomped out of the room, leaving Aunt Martina and Uncle Filip staring after her in shock.

I thought that this would be a good story teaser because it shows emotion and detail. It also leaves the reader wondering what was going to happen next.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Horse Diaries: Maestoso Petra

The author of "Horse Diaries: Maestoso Petra", Jane Kendall, tends to use scene. For example, when Maestoso Petra is being taken to the Spanish Riding School, she describes the long journey in detail. I think she uses scene because Maestoso Petra is looking back at his life and explaining to the reader what he went through from the day he was born to the day he retired. For example, when he says "I am old now, but I have been young. And I remember. I remember the years of careful training that made me, step by careful step, into the perfectly mannered creature I became." this shows that Jane kendall uses scene because Maestoso Petra says the exact same thing in the begining of the story.I would definetaly say that Jane Kendall uses scene more effectively because she always decribes what is happening in detail.